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"All good things in life are wild and free."
David Henry Thoreau

Our Free Consultancy Offer (limited*)

free offer If you are like me, just when you are ready to take action FUD appears in your head, and the commitment to change fades away:

  • FEAR - you may have to change things, it will probably cost a lot.
  • UNCERTAINTY - maybe if you keep doing the same things it will be O.K.
  • DOUBT - why would they be able to help us anyway

So, to overcome FUD, we are offering free coaching and consultancy to you today. Just call me up or send an email and we'll work out some convenient time when we can get together to discuss your challenges.

Normally this takes about half a day at your offices and then a further half day to evaluate the discussions and give you some feedback on where we believe we can help you. As part of the time with you we normally run a coaching taster session so that you can experience the value that coaching can bring first hand.

*Offer small print - Limited to 3 customers a month located within a reasonable distance of Manchester.

Key Question - Why aren't You Dialing Now?

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