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Getting & Keeping Customers

"Everyone lives by selling something"
Robert Louis Stevenson

Attracting & Retaining Customers

sales growth Business growth is a complex and important subject, that is always specific to the individual company's history, culture, finance, products/services, the market they serve, their personnel, customers and many other factors.

Here are a few of the areas to consider to improve your sales results:

  • Assessing current performance: review performance, understand the root cause of the issue creating the performance shortfall (revenue, margin, certain lines of business, only product and no service/solution sales.
  • Setting a vision for improvement: assess options and create a plan to address the gaps.
  • More effective selling: Sales and sales management training, focusing resources, better sales process, introduce CRM systems and tools.
  • Develop strategic partnerships.
  • Better leadership and communication: motivating the team and getting managing to help win business not just chase numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • Have you recruited the right sales people? Do you understand what competencies are necessary to succeed in today's market?
Key Question - How can you Win more Business?

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