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"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil."
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Business Process Efficiency

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The aim of improving business process efficiency is to become more efficient, competitive and profitable. Many organizations have grown organically and their systems and processes have failed to scale and are now not fit for purpose for the larger organization.

A structured solution to the issues:
  • Measuring performance
  • Identifying where improvements are needed
  • Finding effective ways to achieve these, learning from others
  • Involving your staff and implementing the required changes
  • Monitoring and taking appropriate corrective action

Steps in the process:
  • Understanding your market and meeting Customer needs/expectations
  • Looking at and challenging fixed and variable costs
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
    • Getting the best from your people, raising skill levels and attracting the right people
    • Improving methods and equipment
    • Utilizing IT and technology effectively
    • Eliminating waste
  • Improving co-operation with partners and suppliers
  • Product development

Key Question - Are your current processes helping or hindering you Business Performance?

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