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"Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change
and to accept a common vision of the desired outcome."
John Kotter

Change Management

What's Difficult about Managing Change?

change management
  • Resistance
  • Uncertainty
  • Sabotage

Issues that might arise in your Team during a period of Major Change?

  • Resistance
  • Fear - uncertainty - doubt
  • Drop in productivity
  • Business as usual and transition work can get mixed up
  • Line of authority and responsibility can become blurred

Key Behaviours that Leaders can Adopt?

  • Strong leadership - vision, communication, flexibility, involving team members, trust
  • Focus on this Q's opportunity
  • Benefits of change
  • Training for the new environment
  • Objection handling, reframing
  • Showing your own commitment
  • Lead from the front
  • Listening to individual concerns
  • Continuous communication - how? (1 to 1s, email, huddles, team meetings)
  • Understand and communicate key priorities

Key Question - How Good are you at Managing Change?

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