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"Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians."
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Public Sector Challenges

ilm The Institute of Leadership & Management have recently produced a report entitled "Leading change in the public sector 2010". This section is based on the ILM's survey describing the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Public Sector - Background Situation
The public sector touches everyone's lives; providing a range of essential services, and employing one in five of the UK workforce. In 2010, as the UK emerges from recession and with the public deficit expected to reach £178bn, the public sector as a whole will be challenged to reduce costs while maintaining quality of service.

At a time when public sector managers face considerable challenges, ILM set out to gauge their opinions on key issues. They surveyed 1,554 managers at different levels of seniority from across the public sector.

Current and Future Challenges of the Public Sector public challenges
Public sector managers are already under considerable pressure dealing with the current challenges. But what about the future? With a general election imminent, and much speculation about the nature and degree of post-election public sector spending cuts, how do public managers view the forthcoming year? The managers were asked about the main challenges they anticipated over the next 12-18 months. The same three main challenges become even more significant looking ahead with heightened concern about even more budget constraints,increased workload, and resourcing constraints.

public opportunities Opportunities for Public Sector Managers
The survey shows that public sector managers are also willing to take up the challenge presented by the expected budget cuts and are ready to implement change. However, many of the managers were worried that there were limited opportunities for efficiency improvements without impacting on service delivery. They have already experienced budget cuts and heavy workloads, and are worried about the impact on team morale. They are also concerned about the quality of organisational leadership and communication across their organisations.

Public Sector Summary
There is a strong appetite among managers at all levels to develop innovative solutions to the budgetary and resourcing constraints they anticipate in the coming months. Training and development is area which is widely expected to feel the impact of the cutbacks. But it is now, more than ever, that these managers need expert support and development if they are to seize the opportunity to drive performance and deliver radical innovations in service delivery across the public sector. Download the full survey in Adobe pdf format here.

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